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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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developing right now at this hour a shooting spree at the a shopping mall leaves four would hen dead what we know about the gun man as police continue their search in washington state. afternoon video emerges of charlotte's controversial police shooting and city is bracing foreign more protest, i'm kenneth craig in charlotte north carolina with the very latest coming up. and tow trucks are out in force as we speak, the busy streets were hard this morning. it is saturday september 24th good morning i'm rahel solomon. lets get a day started with a check of weather and justin, fall began earlier this week but it is starting to feel like it. >> delayed a couple of days but it ace arriving this weekend. the it will stay for next couple of days. >> a lot of people looking
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forward to it. >> we are coming off a high of 89 degrees. >> it was warm. >> i don't see any upper 80's anytime soon. we are moving in the fall stretch. can't rule out another 80-degree day near the the month of october but overall pattern is shifting a little bit. much cooler and nighttime we're talking with 40's and 50's for next few nights. we can break out that heavier coat in the morning hours. but lets go outside we are looking live from the roof camera, there is some clouds over us stepping outside but not the producing a lot of rain. it is cold front moving through and that will help drive-in, that typical late september weather. the right now sitting at 70 degrees. northeast wind kicking up at 15 miles an hour indicate ago this front is coming through. check out temperature went we are in the upper 50's, so they are on the cooler side of the trent. zero seven in philadelphia, upper 60's to near 70 at the shore. quake are town feeling good at 63. sixty-seven in pottstown. couple of showers, over new york city right now, moving off shore, and other than that
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that is just a weak front coming through at least moisture starved front but it does have cooler air and notice a different over next 12 hours. wind switch out of the northeast at ten to 15 miles an hour bringing in cooler air. enjoy today. high temperatures around 74 degrees. right here near average in philadelphia mid 07's at the shore and 60's in the poconos this nice fall stretch does continue for next several days there will be cool nights. we will talk bit the and let you know our next chance for more needed rain in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> see you soon. developing right now in washington state police are looking for a shooter who opened fire inside a crowded shopping mall killing at least four women. thinks the shooter thaw see on the screen, armed with the rifle, and authorities believe he acted alone. shooting happened race night at cascade hall in burlington a hour north of seattle. four people were shot inside a macy's store. mall was put in lock down but this morning some family members are still anxiously await to go hear from their
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loved ones. >> i heard gunshots and lock the door, lock the door and i will be there as soon as i can. then i waited here and there were cops every where. pull over for the police. i'm not hearing anything. i don't know if they got to her yet. >> one man is in the hospital with life threatening injuries, officers have been escorting paramedic in the mall to treat injured people. it is unclear how many people were hurt. row testers continued to march through the streets of charlotte north carolina past midnight curfew n response to the shooting death of keith lemont scott. they are demanding police release video of the shooting. as kenneth craig reports earlierer scott's tamly released a video his wife recorded of the incident. >> reporter: peaceful protesters marched in charlotte friday night hours after new video of scott's final moments became public. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon.
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he has no weapon. >> reporter: scott's wife pleaded with police not to shoot her husband as she recorded parts of the fatal will police shooting death on her cell phone. she yelled to officers that scott had a traumatic brain injury and posed no threat. >> drop the gun. dot the the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun he has a tbi he will not do anything to you guys. >> reporter: police are heard shouting 11 times at the scott to drop a weapon. >> keith, don't do you that. >> it also does not show the actual shooting but captured scott lying on the ground after. attorneys for the scott family released the footage friday after three nights of protests. >> scott's tamly and these protesters have been demanding police release their footage of the shooting which so far investigators have refused to headache public. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and does not give guy context it can inn flame the situation. >> reporter: scott's mother
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has this message for protesters. >> y'all kids have a peaceful walk or anything else that y'all want to do but rioting is not helping the situation, it is making it worse. >> reporter: police agree and prepared for a fourth night of tense row tests. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime the tulsa police officer charged in the shooting death of terence croucher is out on bail, after turning herself in early friday morning. betty shelby's attorney said she drew her gun instead of the stun gun because she thought croucher was arm. they say croucher did not have a gun. shelby is charged with first degree manslaughter. suspect wanted this is murder of the eight year-old girl in camden is behind bars this morning in tennessee. eighteen year-old tyhan brown of camden was arrested at a relative's home in clarksville, tennessee but he will be soon brought back to new jersey. it comes almost a exactly one month after little gabriel carter was shot in the head
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during what police believe was a shoot-out between rival gangs, but those who knew the little girl say the arrest brings some relief. >> i'm just so happy, and as a mother, as a parent, as a family friend and as a neighbor i will just say thank you, jesus, for real. >> brown's mother and girlfriend were also arrested this past week for hindering the investigation by providing false alibis. police say they expect to headache even more arrests in the case. and this man is wanted in connection to the murder in yeadon delaware county. police say he was a person of interest and in the death of the three two-year old natasha gibson. she died early thursday morning after her throat was slash. investigators cleared gibson's former boyfriend after they interviewed him thursday night. victim of the hit and run in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood has died. domingo menendez was struck at second and allegheny and rushed to temple university hospital in critical condition. police say driver who struck menendez, kenneth bauers, junior was under the
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influence. switching gears, happening today, the first ever philly opened streets, starting at 8:00 a.m. folks can walk around without war big traffic. imagine that. crews have been working all night clearing streets, so if you park this or around center city, sorry to tell but ticketing and towing started at 3:00 a.m. up fortunately for these car owners it will be very upset this morning when they find out their cars were towed overnight. don't you just hate that. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at south street, hi, are you seeing a lot of people being towed out there. >> reporter: sadly yes, i cringe. do i feel bad. you always feel bad for something like this. this is a great day to be outside. it is reminiscent of the pope's visit. you can see barricade down here, the streets feel wider and more welcoming to pedestrians but as you have said in order to accommodate that toe crews have been working since 3:00 a.m. removing vehicles along the route that includes primarily south street from front to
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schuylkill avenue. the this is part of the first philly free streets, it is about an 8-mile route that will be closed off to vehicular traffic from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. but don't be surprised if you start seeing those road closures earlier then that for preparations. now it might feel like the pope's visit the but mayor jim kenney tells "eyewitness news" that open streets is a concept he experienced in new york city when fifth avenue knew was shut down to cars to make way for physical activities. so, walks, runs, rides already for today philly is embracing the same idea. >> i think it is great. i think it helps local businesses, it should be fun, and i think it should be a good time and as long as everybody kind of knows what is going on beforehand, it should be cool for the city. >> reporter: yeah, i think the key there is knowing what is going honest specially when it comes to your cars, so, if you are parked out on the street and come out this morning and still through might want to check about regulations in your neighborhood, fit is not
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i'm so or toy hear but these police regulations along these routes will be in place until 4:00 p.m. to day reporting live there south street i'm alexandria hoff rahel, now back to you. a feeling we can all agree with. once again philly free streets area includes south street which will be closed between front street and schuylkill river trail, mlk drive closed to the falls bridge and all road in fairmount park near the police touch museum will be also closed. coming up next on "eyewitness news", history, decades in the making. >> reporter: a new national museum will soon open up its doors, and showcasing black history from a unique perspective. i'm marley hall in washington with the the preview coming up. and the picture tells us a story, a drug approved for something totally different is showing promise when it comes to hair loss, how it is actually helping people grow new
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new national museum of african hearn history and culture on the that the mall opens its doors to the public today. president obama will head line dedication ceremony on the national mall scheduled for 10:00 a.m. marley hall recently visited the museum and has a preview. >> it is a dream decade in the making a museum on the national mall, that showcases african-american history. president obama will speak at the dedication. >> there is plenty of space for harriet tubman and doctor
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king and muhammad ali but what makes the museum so powerful and visceral is that it is the story of all of us. >> reporter: just 3,000 artifacts will be on display, some so large they had to build the museum around them, like this segregation era railcar and guard tower from a notorious louisiana prison. visitors are encouraged to start with a exhibit on slavery in the u.s. which displays shackles, a slave cabin and harriet tubman's shaw. museum tour will take you chronologically through freedom, segregation and civil rights, stories are told with the help of the interactive lunch counter, a biplane flown by tuskegee air men in world war two can be seen overhead. museum built its collection of more than 37,000 artifacts from scratch, most of them were donated. >> for me it is becoming part of the history. >> reporter: cure later michelle marisi worked to make
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this possible for a decade. >> to help make it happen, it is receipt i special, and even humbling. >> reporter: museum's up are floors celebrate african-american achievements in sports, culture, and that is where you'll find chuck berry's cadillac convertible and muhammad ali's boxing robe. in washington marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i cannot wait to see it. political bomb shell in campaign 2016, ted cruz is voting for donald trump after all. remember the texas senator was booed off the stage at the republican national convention after snubbing trump and telling the crowd to vote their conscious. trump says he is honored to have ted cruz support. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is postponing her visit to charlotte north carolina unrest has spark a fierce debate between clinton and trump over crime and race. clinton and trump will meet for their highly anticipated first debate monday night at hofstra university in long island.
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it starts at 9:00 here on cbs-3. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is heading to new york for that debate, and look for her live report on monday starting at 5:00 a.m. right here on cb. one. justin joining us again, justin for all of those fall-loving fans. >> they will love this forecast, yes, today is a transition day. you can feel the difference from the cool air moving this and it gets better for second half of the weekend. really true football weather tomorrow. that is great news. eagles are in town. big game there flu can kind of tell weather is changing because you see people walking around in cardigans. >> it is that time. >> shorts, flip-flops. >> i'm the shorts guy, i try to extend it as long as i can. >> you are the shorts guy in the middle of winter. >> that is true, go to the gym or stuff, whatever. we are talking about some nice weather, and we are calling it the in the 70's right for late september so enjoy it, and some great days to be outside. we have one day after rain in our forecast, we will talk about that in a bit but for
5:16 am
this morning, all is quiet. we are some clouds moving through. we will call it partly cloudy a and part thely sunny skies this afternoon but should stay dry in center city. this front does not have a lot of moisture witt the but what it does is have cooler air. the yesterday the front was to the north so we were able to get close to 90 degrees. 89 degrees officially at philadelphia international but front is moving through our region right now. today is transition day and tomorrow it is well to the south, northerly wind really will kick up this morning coming out of canada we will bring that cooler air in, so at nighttime we're talking about 40's and 50's next few nights and daytime temperatures low to mid 70's, here, at or a couple degrees below average this time of the year. still mild ahead of the front. low 70's in wildwood, dover, delaware, same deal around the city and surrounding suburbs. that cool air starting to work its way to the northwest suburbs, allentown checks in at 61. fifty-eight in mount pocono. little band of cloud along the front right now, extending across pennsylvania, central new jersey, a couple of
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showers, near new york city as a front moves south, we will see increasing sunshine later this afternoon. keeping skies mainly clear tonight to set us for cooler temperatures. we don't have clouds around to hold in any heat today. nice beach weather for next several days and really through the end of the month. seventy-three today, breezy. the partly sunny skies. we will see more sunshine tomorrow. looking for that sun, sunday will be the better day for that but only near 70 the actual air temperature and lower 70's on hon, mostly sunny skies along the coast and ocean water still comfortable in the mid 70's, at a lot of the beaches. we're back to the 07's today, cool flow coming out of the north, high pressure just locked itself over us for second half of the weekend so in threat of rain on sunday. monday, it is still dry, lower 70's, here comes the next rain maker, it is a front, not a ton of rain but certainly beneficial. we will get showers in the the here during the day on tuesday but today look at these high temperatures, very nice. low to mid 70's for warm spot. sixty's in the poconos.
5:18 am
and then tonight, a lot of widespread 40's in the northwest, suburbs. and, we will see interior south, and dropped in the 40's, and a lot of spots tomorrow, and, then, 72 degrees for afternoon highs. so for today, sunshine, and, tonight 54 degrees. and, clear skies, and, if you are heading to the linc tomorrow for big game 4:25 kick off, 70 degrees at kick off in the sunshine, nice light breeze, just perfect conditions. if you are not going to the game check it out here on cbs-3. here's the extended forecast, nice fall stretch, nothing but low to mid 07's, again, tuesday that is a daze we will deal with some showers and some good news, and by end of the next week still nice and dry, lots of sunshine as we head into october. rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. it is your bald eagle, in new jersey is pack in the the wild, and we have first told but lily, last december when he was captured in the hunterdon county yard after getting shot. he was suffering there nerve
5:19 am
damage, and lead poisoning. they called the raptor trust to nurse him back to health and they released him at a wild life refuge. if news for lily. on the cbs one healthwatch, dramatic results for people who suffer with the condition that causes hair loss and all thanks to the medication that treats something else. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new research. >> reporter: it is called alopecia an auto immune disease when the bod a tax the hair follow columns and causing to it fall out in clumps and patches. >> childhood up to adult, male, female, all offenders equally. >> reporter: existing treatments for will alopecia has in the been effective but researchers work out key factors that lead to hair loss. it is a type of white blood cell called a t cell that attacks the hair follow column but the follicles don't die which means they might be able to be restored. researchers found a drug used for bone marrow and blood disorder actually stops the attack on hair follicles.
5:20 am
>> unexpectly suddenly do they act on the immune cells but they have a beneficial effect on the hair follow will california. >> reporter: study of one volunteers in the, showed stunning results. 75 percent of the patient had essentially full harry growth by end of the treatment, average harry growth was 92 percent. >> this just shows that you can take down that immune response and reaccurate hair cycle even patient was years, decade of disease can have a clinical response and grow their hair. >> reporter: drug is a once a day pill that can lead to low blood counts but in the study there were no serious adverse effects. but the new hair starts to go away when the drug is stopped and, get this, the mexican cost up to $10,000 a month. anyway, scientists say they will continue the research and hope to expand it to include, male pattern baldness. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead we will take you behind the scenes at some new movies in theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming
5:21 am
up andy sandberg plays a bird on the mission and denzel washington chris pratt lead an all-star cast in the
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new jersey native bruce springsteen celebrates his 67th birthday with the late show with stephen colbert. springsteen made his first appearance on colbert's she last night. the boss has been busy promoting his candid new autobiography born to run. in the book he opens up about his struggle with depression and his fear that he would follow in his father's footsteps with the disease. springsteen told colbert that performing is therapeutic and helped him through some dark
5:24 am
times. >> the night has its own life and i mean, i'm coming out, so i know i will play, we will play two and a half hours, we will play three hours, i know that will happen but i don't know what will happen after that. it is just something that is organic and it defines its own time and says and once i get to the certain point i'm not thinking about the time. i'm here to take you out of time. i'm here to transport you someplace else. >> well, that might explain why he just played his longest u.s. show ever, right here in philadelphia, get this, four hours, three minutes and 46 seconds. the boss's new autobiography born to run hits store shelves september 27th. two new movies, kevin frazier from entertainment tonight takes us behind the scenes of what is new in theaters. >> reporter: this week denzel washington and chris pratt bring wild west justice to the new audience in the magnificent seven and andy sandberg takes on baby duty in
5:25 am
stork. >> in the beginning, storks delivered babies. thank goodness we do not do that anymore. >> reporter: in the animated comedy storks reliable bird moved on from delivering babe toys packages but when one last baby arrives it is up to junior voiced by andy sandberg and tula to get her home to her family. they are tight on screen and they were able to record their audio together a rarity in animation, so they made the most of it. >> we watching matching the with the button on the flap. >> yes, completely coordinated . >> we will deliver. >> yes, the job. what a bunch of misfits we are. >> reporter: denzel washington and chris pratt lead a team of the wildest men in the west to help save a town. cast bonded over a sweaty
5:26 am
shoot in the louisiana heat working through it with the crew to make a thrilling western. >> people reign in the horses, all of the background artists and there was so many people, you know, working through, pretty tough conditions and it was a long journey but destination made it worth it. >> i have always wanted to blow something up. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. and coming up in the next half an hour we're live previewing the big events clearing local streets this morning. well, it is here and you know what that means, flu season is around the corner what you need to know about this years vaccine to keep your family healthy through the winter. and a recap of friday foot the ball frenzy, your town, your school and your kid on tv. that is ahead in "eyewitness
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she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. philadelphia's first annual free streets is expected to be a whole lot of fun for pedestrians, in the so much fun for people who parked along the route, i'm alexandria hoff with more on that coming up. stadium showdown continues for temple university, and we will also have this. >> a black woman who built a
5:30 am
beauty empire gets a prominent spot in a new national museum, featuring african-american history. i'm marley hall in washington with her story, coming up. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather and justin, dairy say it, i may be able to break out cardigans and blazers this week, i like that. >> true late september weather. a lot of people were waiting for it. yesterday we had a high of 89. now we're dealing with temperatures right where they should be, starting this weekend and it feels nice and that night time will be chilly, 40's and 50's for overnight lows next several nights. today is that transition day we had cold front moving through, temperatures will not change a whole lot, lower 50's up toward lehigh valley, 70 around philadelphia we will climb another three or 4 degrees for the actual high as that cold air starts to rush in. sixty-six in doylestown, 67 in
5:31 am
palmyra, new jersey. wind kicking up as an indication of the cold front that is passing on by but it is coming through dry and few sprinkles up toward new york city, that is about it. the just some clouds around this morning, little bit more sunshine, later on today. there is those wind, lot at direction from the north at ten to 15 miles an hour, so that is colder air from can inadequacies ace being transported in. this morning partly cloudy, temperatures 60's and 70's and this afternoon partly sunny, we will struggle to get to the mid 70's at best which is right near average. seventy-four for the high today, tomorrow a few degrees cooler, lots of sunshine just great weather to get outside with highs tomorrow... stretch last when i show you the seven day in a few minutes. >> see you soon, thanks, justin. happening today, the streets will be opened to everybody else. it includes south street which will be closed from front street and schuylkill river trail, mlk drive will be
5:32 am
closed to the falls bridge and all roads, in fairmount park near the police touch museum will be also closed. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live on south street where alex, you can walk, run, bike without having to worry about car sitting. so perhaps good news for pedestrians but in the so much for drivers. >> yeah, not so much for people who parked here last night. we saw at 1.3 tow trucks just taking up, going down and rahel it remind me of before the pope arrived. we were all concerned about these road closures, ticketing, toeing and when it did come here, i think people realized its nice. walking around having completely free reign, not even cars parked on the side of the road and that is what the city is hoping to recreate today. in order to ago tait this tow crews have been working since 3:00 a.m. removing vehicles on the route that includes primarily south street from front to schuylkill avenue. this is all part of the city's first philly free streets, an
5:33 am
8-mile route will be closed off to vehicular traffic from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. but don't be surprised if you see road closures earlier then that for preparations. it might feel like the pope's visit but mayor jim kenney tells "eyewitness news" that opened streets was a concept that he also experienced in new york city, with fifth avenue knew shut down to cars to make way for physical activities. but with walks, runs, rides, all ready for today philly is embracing the same idea. >> as long as everybody knows, it should be neat to build and walk freely around the city. >> reporter: yes, the important part there is that everybody is being on the same page. now the parking restrictions will be in place, until 4:00 p.m. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff, rahel, back to you. stadium showdown continues for temple university. temple's football team, takes on the university of of north carolina/charlotte during their home coming game at lincoln financial field and some protesters want to
5:34 am
headache sure that the link is exactly where temple's football games stay. at temple university alumni prior to return to campus for home coming weekend another issue returns to campus as well. >> down with the stadium. >> reporter: community, state leaders and stadium stoppers protested university's proposal for building of an on campus football stadium. >> we do not intend to have a stadium in our neighborhoods. let's be real clear. >> reporter: group says stadium will worsen quality of life for neighbors with issues like parking, graphic, litter, noise, university says that they are taking those concerns into account. according to the school, money needed for 35,000 seat stadium is built would come from fund raising and other sources adding the stadium would save the school money in the long run. right now temple pays 3 million a year to use lincoln financial field for home games, something some students say is also inconvenient. >> last game, and it was kind of far.
5:35 am
>> reporter: city council would ultimately to have okay proposal but has said neighbors must be considered and consulted. at this point it is still unclear what compromise can be reached. >> basically they are saying that the stadium will be built, that is their position and we are adamant in our position. >> reporter: some students however say in the meantime no matter where the games are played, they will be there. >> i want to support them and if that means taking the subway to south philadelphia to support them or walking a to blocks on campus stadium i will support them where ever they play. >> representative from the temple board of trustees tells me that is there not even a time line for completion of the feasibility study so very early on. as for group's stadium stoppers the organizer tells me they will be there every step of the way. today the new national museum of african-american history and culture will open up its doors. curators were tasked with collecting black history artifacts from across the country. as marley hall shows us when the woman from washington dr
5:36 am
she gave them priceless family hair looms linked to one of the first african-american business moguls. >> reporter: she wants to share her great, great, great grandmothers accomplishment, madam cj walker was first woman to be a self-made millionaire, before women had the right to vote. >> i think there is a story that needed to be told. >> reporter: madam cj walker was born shortly after emancipation proclamation her parents had been slaves on a plantation in louisiana. with guidance from her brothers who were barbers she developed a hair care line for black people, and it took off, and by 1910, she had started a beauty school and built a factory, employing as many as 3,000 people. bundles donated about a dozen family keepsakes to the new national museum of african-american history and culture in washington d.c. including this sign. >> it was very hard to give these items up. >> the greatest gift is that i will be able to see other people, enjoying them, and
5:37 am
that when i'm gone those items will still be there. >> reporter: museum chose to showcase madam walker because she did something nearly impossible, in the early 1900's. >> she was a pioneer, in the walt i culture industry. it was very difficult for african americans to have that kind of earning power during those times. >> reporter: the museum has an area dedicated to telling madam cj walker's story. >> i really cannot wait to walk through those doors. >> reporter: one of the many stories that will finally be showcased. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is irish weekend in north wildwood, still ahead what the shore town is doing to keep everyone safe. also ahead, now that fall is underway it means flu season is just around the corner, what you need to they about this years vaccines and how it will work on your family. it is finally starting to feel like fall, justin is back with the forec
5:38 am
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back on "eyewitness news" and philadelphia's mural arts program is well men for efforts in beautifying spots all over the city, and as our vittoria woodill tells us it is gearing up for a very big october. >> on behalf of your alliance we want to welcome everybody here today. >> reporter: exciting day from mural arts in south philadelphia. many gathered to celebrate the brand new brush strokes over snider plaza soon to be swanson walk, marking this territory as a mural zone. >> we are on a mission, to create meaningful,
5:41 am
collaborative, public art. >> by looking at our surroundings and seeing canvas, although over what many people call a concrete jungle we saw an opportunity to transform a successful community shopping center this to a deeper sense of place. >> reporter: these murals mark where the kick off party will be on september 30th a free event of fun where for 31 days in october, 30 events around the city will make art the focus. >> it shines a light, on artists, constituents, partners, everyone who makes our work possible. >> some instantvation for this as you can see i-95 from right there. this is all the whole scene is based, underneath i-95. >> reporter: so this is what you plan on doing on these walls. >> that is right. >> reporter: it is a chance to highlight local, international known artists like joe, whose pens port neighborhood will give these whitewalls their life. >> having spent a lot of time living town here that i can kind of, i think i can grasp the spirit.
5:42 am
>> it has been a organic culture that is southing up down here. >> reporter: grab your friends, phones and feel the arts in philadelphia. >> it interpretation is what brings me and the viewer into this in, to the piece. >> reporter: spoken like a true artists all left up to us. >> up to you. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is not the only event this weekend. it is also a celebration of the irish in north wildwood. >> ♪ >> the 25th annual irish fall festival will bring people together, to make some good memories. this is one of the largest in the country. now in the wake of the recent terror attacks in new york city and seaside park we talked with the north wildwood police chief about the plans to keep everybody safe. >> we will bring in outside help. it is a team effort. whole city comes together, fire department, police department but we will get help from the county prosecutor's office, sheriff's department is a big help and we have built in security measures overtime, being it is our 251st.
5:43 am
>> irish festival is expected to draw 250,000 people, and justin, he is joining us now and it looks like it will be a nice weekend for a festival. >> it is, speaking of the beach we will show you the cameras where it is quiet right now. ocean city. now is the time really to hit the beach. you can enjoy nice conditions still. big crowds are gone. conditions are still nice. we will see sunshine. temperatures holding in the 70's. quiet on the boardwalk this earl bye aim he she your people will be outside this morning and in the afternoon enjoying a nice start to the weekend and it will trend even nicer for second half of the weekend with increasing sun, along the shore, and as the surfer, we have got some white tops out there from tropical storm karl. nothing huge but we will take it as that storm is well off shore. temperatures, for the month so far average everything up, it is almost 6 degrees above average. most liningly this will be one of the top ten warmests on record. for the month we're down over a inch. we will get some in the forecast. it looks like tuesday. high temperature is 95. we are not reaching anymore 90's we are done for the season.
5:44 am
lowest temperature is 59. this number will go down for philadelphia, probably around mid 50's, for our low tonight, and then a lot of 40's in outside suburbs work that fall air mass building in. fifty-seven in mount pocono, they are on the cooler side of the trent but the front is hanging up over philadelphia right now, some 70's on south, for upper 60's in the cooler spots, inland, new jersey but there is that cooler air, check it out, albany, 48 degrees. fifty-eight in state college. that cool air starts to press southward. today is the transition day as this front moves through. not a the lieutenant of moisture couple showers in new york city, long island, for us just some clouds today. we will call it partly sunny for afternoon, probably seeing more sun later on during the day for sunset as that front moves further south. nice weather up in the poconos, cool day to day, 66 degrees, partly sunny skies, tomorrow cooler, high temperature struggle to get to the lower 60's, both tomorrow, and monday, with some sunshine, and overnight lows in the mountains, could be down in the lower 40's possibly upper 30's in the
5:45 am
coldest spots, in the poconos, this weekend. and here's the cold front, sliding southward through the day-to-day, we will see a band of cloud leading the front with the front and we will clear out nicely tomorrow. high pressure building from the north. the this is coming from the canada. so it has cooler air. that cooler air is still sitting around on monday and milder, low to mid 07's. the here's our next weather maker a cold trent that will approach us during the day monday spread something clouds in here. it rain will hold off this will late monday night into especially tuesday morning and that is certainly beneficial rain. 73 degrees. the pretty much by 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. that is our daytime highs. temperatures will not change much throughout the day to day. look at tomorrow morning, waking up, yeah, break out those sweaters, heavier coats, we're talking mid 40's, maybe lower 40's in the coldest suburbs outside of the city, and then tomorrow, a nice day, upper 60's to lower 70's at best. the that is a few degrees below average. we have not said below average much at all for this month. seventy-four for the high today. no cooler. we're coming off yesterday's high of 89.
5:46 am
tonight clear, cool, 54 for city, 40's in the suburbs. planning your eagles day, heading to the link, check it out mid-morning temperatures mid 60's in the sunshine, kick off at four credit 25. 07 degrees by the end of the game we will be in the 60's. so most of the actual game, temperatures will be in the 60's with a nice light breeze. here's our extended forecast, nice fall stretch, low to hid 70's. fifty's at night. next chance for rain coming in on tuesday and that nice weather extend into the start of the october, it looks like remarks hell, back to you. justin, thank you. as justin just mentioned now that the fall season is here, doctors are reminding patients that it is time to get an annual flu shot an this is a new recommendation from the governmental health officials. health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science center with the updated information. >> reporter: the science of flu vaccination is evolving, the inhaled version didn't work out as planned, and so
5:47 am
this year you'll have fewer options, when it comes to guarding against influenza. a yearly flu vaccine is recommended for everyone, six months and older. >> now is perfect time to get a flu the shot takes a couple weeks to build immunity, flu season begins around october, and peaks around december, through march, and it can go up as far as may. >> reporter: this year it is back to needles only, cdc says inhaled flu mist which had been especially popular for children last year isn't effective. >> the reason maybe because of anti reformulated, flu mutations and it just doesn't take as well but that is under investigation to figure out why it seems it dropped off abruptly. >> reporter: doctors say it the is important for children and elderly to get flu shots because thermos at risk for developing complications from influenza. >> you can end up with a pneumonia. you feel very tired, fatigued, high fever. when you have the the flu, your basically non-functional.
5:48 am
>> reporter: flu is a respiratory virus easily spread from person to person, cdc says 200 people are hospitalized every year with flu-related problems, and it can be deadly. in spite of the warnings many people still don't get vaccinated. >> it is estimated only 49 percent of the people actually get the vaccine. we need it to be in the high 90's for people to have immunity and protect these around us. >> reporter: for people 65 and older, a high dose version of the flu shot is now recommended. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:49 am
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eagles preparing for their toughest test of the season the steelers a game you can see right here on cbs-3 this sunday. both teams coming in two and zero. carson wentz will be facing challenges he didn't see in weeks number one and two. eagles struggled converting third downs, fifth worst in the the league. head coach doug pederson says that will be key to winning on sunday. >> you've got to do a better job in the third down area offensively. i think we are eight for 30, something like that, 26 percent, we have to be better on third downs. we have to focus on our job and we understand the power and, you know, weapons they have on offense but we cannot focus on that. again, we focus on what we do and, you know, get our guys ready to play. >> phillies and mets the at city field last night for game two, a four game series, fifth
5:52 am
inning, phillies down four-three. frank herman, he wins this match up smacking a three run home run to left center. phillies lose ten-five. it is time for friday football frenzy. take it away, leslie. >> thank you, ladies, another week of friday night football, first week in the fall and it felt like summer. lets start with the have afternoon games. the public league, central at frankford, key shawn graham, finding daylight around corner and central the winner 28 to nothing. >> hey, hey, hey, hey. >> very cool. strawberry mansion at edison, it is a big day on offense, qb, and, he goes in for the score. edison quarterback in the to be out done, cannot find an open man so he will pull it
5:53 am
town, dash around defender with the score, and mansion the winner 41-six. mlk at southern, dion davis, going deep. check out this catch. wow. this is a 55-yard touchdown, mlk win 27-16. shawne and washington township, michael shindie to sean, and shawne wins 17-13. pennsville at deptford, sean brooke. finding it to the line. he is a big guy running in for the score. the pennsville wins big time 62-19. willingboro, at delran amir murray with the carry. he will get in for the score. they win 42-four. river side, to key shawn evans and evans will take it in for the score. pleasantville wins 40-14.
5:54 am
william penn pen charter and inter bureau, he goes in for the score. william opinion wins 47 to nothing. monsignor boner at cardinal owe hard a o'hara, looking good. o'hara wins 20 to nothing. time for a game of the week chosen by you, the fans of the friday football frenzy. we will head out to montgomery county for phoenixville at upper perkiomen. let's hear from upper perk head coach. >> it has got to be non-stop. it is got to be smart, it has got to be physical, but it has got to be relentless, non- non-stop. >> let's go play football. >> let's go. >> here they are phoenixville taking the field for the regional match up, upper perkiomen getting on the board
5:55 am
first, coleman find the offence, find it for the touchdown. but back comes phoenixville, matt garcia he had a huge game. we will have more on him in a moment. but it is the big run for the touchdown. a lot of offense in this game. check out, tyler weary, busting out a big run. he will take that for the distance for upper perkiomen touchdown. in the to be out done, back comes phoenixville and hat math garcia again. he cuts, and he will take it to the house. a monday certificate game for garcia, 238-yard rushing and three touchdowns but only ensuing kick off check out this play right here. reid, he returns it all the way back for the score, a hugo fence i have night for both teams, upper perkiomen comes you the on top 47-35 the final. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. >> good to see my high school boner there wish we had done
5:56 am
better. major event is shutting down local streets, coming up next we are live with the roads that are cleared this morning and where cars are getting towed. plus, history, decades in the making, a smithsonian museum dedicated to the stories of african americans from slavery through present day opens up in less than 24 hours. cooler temperatures for the weekend, justin has details when
5:57 am
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developing at this hour a shooting spree at a shopping mall leaves four women dead, what we know about the gunman as police continue their search in washington state. all right. and, tow trucks are out in full force as we see that story in just a moment but first good morning it is saturday, september 24th, i'm rahel solomon. lets get over to justin drabick. justin, we have the temple game today, big home coming weekend. we have eagles with their she down with the steelers tomorrow and it is starting to feel like football season. >> cooperating perfectly for the weekend. also if you have to dig into the back of your closet and pull out fall weather gear. we have some chilly nights. >> yes, dairy say boots. >> i don't know, that is a girl thing the boots. >> yeah, fall boots. >> you wear them all year round, right.
6:00 am
>> no, no. >> i don't know. >> boots are exclusively for fall. i'll brief you this on later. >> i'm out of touch obviously. the lets talk about this forecast. today is that transition day, we are coming off a high yesterday of 89 degrees. code front moving through as we speak. should come through dry with some clouds but temperatures will not change much today. you will notice difference tonight when we start to bring in that chilly air. sixty-six at the airport. we will drop 4 degrees compared to the past hour. northeast wind kicking up indicate ago this front is moving through, so, along the cooler side of the front we are in the lower 60's in will allentown. fifty-six in mount pocono. but still ahead of the front hanging around 07 in wilmington delaware upper 60's in south jersey and at the shore. lower 60's in quakertown feeling nice, doylestown, mount holly, new jersey as well. is there a front to pick out the band of cloud, just draped through pennsylvania, through new jersey, a couple of sprinkles over new york city, long island, that is bit. not a lot of moisture with the front but it does bring in cooler air. northeast wind overtaking the region yay


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